Weekend Round-Up

Weekend at HomeSussex Produce Company This weekend I spent it visiting my parents back in Sussex. It's been a lovely two and a half days full of sunshine, food, animals and good company. 

 Henny PennyCarlos AcostaBerriesBilboSwimmingElderflower Cocktail

Possibly most excitingly we went to Brighton Dome on Friday night to see Carlos Acosta perform in On Before which was amazing! My sister turned up with my niece on Saturday so we all went swimming at the local pool which was fun. Importantly I made the most of cat cuddles while I had the chance, and I think Bilbo might have got a little fed up with the amount of photos I took of him. My parents have made elderflower cordial which we had with blackcurrants and mint whilst soaking up the sun in the garden, it was bliss! Although the hen did try and peck at my toes and attempted to steal the cupcake my niece had. We rounded up the trip with brunch before I headed back to Kent and Robert (he had to stay home as he was busy engineering stuff!). As a treat I brought Robert home a raspberry ripple brownie, but it turns out he's now cutting down on treats so I get to have it instead, ah such a hard life! Hope you've enjoyed your weekends too :)