Happy Halloween! As it's the last day of October I thought I would do a bit of a roundup of the month and a few things I'm aiming to achieve with the coming month. October is probably my favourite month of the year, not only because it's my birthday month (I turned 27 a couple of weeks ago!) but for me it also has the best autumn weather, a slight chill starting but with still enough sunny days to show off all the wonderful autumn colours. 

October Favourites

 All the autumn colours, an excuse to bring out the big cosy scarves on slightly chilly days, moody grey skies, cosy warm beds (although this one is lethal on chilly early mornings), birthdays, Halloween, comfort food, pumpkins.


All the food, always. But in particular R made a delicious veggie chilli which was perfect for Halloween weekend, and perfect for grey autumn evenings and is definitely going to become a recurring dish in our house. We also tried Corner House Canterbury for Sunday lunch with some old friends and the pork belly and chocolate brownie were both incredibly delicious. My birthday also brought with it lots of tasty food in the form of afternoon tea with my parents and grandma, followed by R's homemade lasagna for birthday dinner!


I started reading Zadie Smith's Swing Time the other month but managed to misplace it under a pile of papers (bad Amy). Instead I've started reading Kathryn Markup's A is for Arsenic, the Poisons of Agatha Christie after attending a talk as part of Canterbury Festival last week. Both the talk and, so far, the book have been incredibly interesting and engaging. I've also been consuming more Jane Austen audiobooks on YouTube, I have just finished Northanger Abbey and have now started Mansfield Park and have bookmarked The Martian to mix things up afterwards.


Blue Planet II and Stranger Things II of course! But I've also been enjoying season three of Outlander which is giving me all the Scotland feels, I haven't quite persuaded R that we should move to Edinburgh yet, but we have agreed on a road trip in Scotland next year though. Bojack Horseman has also been making an appearance on my watch list because who doesn't love a cartoon horse?


To find time to go see Blade Runner 2049 before it leaves the cinema and so far failing. Hopefully there will be more success with that this week, although the long running time is slightly off-putting! 


To get back into a running routine again. the last couple of months have been severely exercise free, but I will have some extra time on my hands in November and December so I'm planning on setting that straight. I'm also hoping to get a few swimming sessions in, as I haven't been in almost 4 years after having got into a regular routine. 

I won't be achieving my reading target this year (even if you include audiobooks in the count) but autumn and winter evenings are the perfect time to cuddle down with a good book, so that's what I shall be doing. 

I'm so excited about the prospect of Christmas this year, especially as we will be hosting it instead of going to my parents. So the next few weekends will include all the Christmas crafting planning as well as sorting all the present buying so it's not a rush come December! 

Some Favourites

This interview with Bojack Horseman illustrator Lisa Hanawalt.

Sophie Cliff's post A Little Reminder. 

I always enjoy a good reading list.

I loved Anna's honest post about her experience with therapy.

I just purchased some beautiful thank you cards from Liz Mosley's shop and can't wait for them to arrive!

This article about workplace ambition really resonated with me. 

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