Sandwich Snapshots

I am incredibly late with sharing this post, considering this visit to Sandwich happened last November! I had meant to post it last year, but then other things got in the way and it rather fell on the back burner. But better late than never, right?

Last November I had a couple of weeks of annual leave before starting my new job and R had a meeting in Sandwich, so we decided to drive over there together. I ended up having an explore around the town while he went off for his meeting. 

This wasn't my first time in Sandwich, having previously visited for a work trip in the summer, but the experience of visiting on a rather drab November day was very different. Wandering around alone it almost felt like I had stepped into a ghost story, with hardly anyone in sight and surrounded by closely packed old buildings. It was an eerie and calm atmosphere, especially with the bare trees and silent streets. That was until I walked along the river and discovered all the dog walkers- a clear highlight of any day! 

There's something about Sandwich that I can never really put my finger on. It feels so out of the way and almost as if it could be anywhere, adrift in the world. All of the chocolate box houses all crowding in on each other, keeping their secrets and hiding all their secret gardens. On such a grey, chilly November day as it was, the whole town felt like it had been taken right from the pages of a Victorian ghost story. This feeling was made even more pronounced due to the wind whistling down the narrow empty streets, and the majority of the shops specialising in antiques. Despite this, or maybe even because of this, I had a fun morning exploring on my own with my active imagination.

After finishing up my walk by the river, I discovered I had walked in a long circle and ended up back at the car park. The timing was so good as I ended up bumping into R as he was finishing up with his manager, which meant we could then head home for lunch! 

Where have you explored lately? Let me know!




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