A Long Weekend

Is there anything better than a nice long weekend? The only problem with them is that they end much too quickly and before you know it you're back at work. How about we just change the working week to four days as standard and then there would be more time at weekends to get that lousy housework done and fit in all those lovely things we want to do!

For this Easter weekend R and I drove down to Sussex on Thursday night, me with a rubbish cold and R with a bad headache, it was clear we both needed some time off drastically! We spent the Friday being lazy so it was a day full of reading, cat cuddles, drinking as much tea as possible and eating Easter themed chocolate. Mum and Dad had also made the most delicious casserole with home made mashed potato for dinner, it was the perfect comfort food for what turned into a rather grey and chilly day. We spent the evening watching episodes of Sharpe and eating more Easter themed chocolate. 

The main reason we went home was to celebrate my Nan's birthday which we did on Saturday. I made pancakes for the four of us before the rest of the family came over for roast lamb dinner and birthday cake. Mum had made a lovely lemon and blueberry drizzle cake which we all tucked into after a little walk around the village. I couldn't help but spend most of the walk taking pictures of the pom pom blossoms on the trees because they are just too pretty! I also took plenty of pictures of all the plants in my parents garden so be prepared for lots more flowers in future blog posts! 

R and I drove back to Kent Saturday night so we could get on with previously mentioned pesky housework on Sunday. I did make sure to raid my parents book shelves for some new reading material. Despite all the tidying we did fit in watching Office Space in the evening, a movie which spoke to me on a spiritual level and made me giggle numerous times. 

I definitely donโ€™t want to be back at work this week but Iโ€™m going to try to bring some of those long weekend good feels to this week. To do this I plan to:

  • Spend some more time reading in the evenings.
  • Keep up with my lists of three happy things everyday so I remember to appreciate the good things.
  • Indulge in a nice relaxing bubble bath whenever I get the chance! 

How was your long weekend? Is there anything youโ€™re dong to keep the long weekend spirit going?