Weekend Moments #2

-The chives in our window box have now started flowering which makes it so pretty. It also means that when I'm doing washing up they're always waving in the breeze at me.

-We went and bought the new cushions we saw the other weekend. In a happy coincidence the colour matches our Christmas bunting my mum made the other year (and which we still haven't put away). I think it's a colour that would go well with a mustardy yellow, which is now giving me all sorts of ideas!

-Sunday was a day of rest so I finished re-reading Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea. I read it years ago at sixth form college and couldn't remember much about what happened in it. I'm so glad I found it again as it definitely warranted another read as I took so much more from it. I'm tempted to re-read Jane Eyre again now while everything is still fresh in my mind.

-Saturday afternoon was spent stripping the wallpaper from the back wall in the living room and giving it a coat of paint. It also involved painting the doors and other bits and pieces, so now it looks all shiny, white and bright!

Other things:

-On Friday night R and I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends to celebrate a birthday. It was a lot of fun and meant we got to catch up with some friends who've moved away.

-Sunday morning R and I went for our regular coffee date but met up with some friends from the night before. I then made curry for lunch before settling down to an afternoon of books, which is definitely one of the best ways to spend a Sunday afternoon in my opinion!