Strolling in Margate

R and I both had a day off at the same time the other week, so we decided to make the most of the beautiful sunshine and go for a walk along the beach in Margate. We had originally been planning on going for a bike ride, but we ended up waking up late so decided on a walk instead. We did a little research to see what there was nearby, and decided to avoid escalating our hayfever by avoiding anywhere too green! 

A beach walk was probably the best decision we could have made, the sun was shining and there was a lovely sea breeze that made the air salty and fresh. It was the perfect way to spend a surprise day together. We'd never explored that part of Margate before, or in fact much of Margate at all, other than the Turner Contemporary. We still haven't found the time to go around the main part of town, so that's still on our list of things to do! The only thing that could have made our walk any better would have been either an ice cream or chips on the beach, but considering how warm it was I think we would have opted for the cooler option. One of the best things about beach walking in the day were the number of dogs around, we were literally in puppy heaven, I even got greeted by one especially cheerful puppy. 

Unfortunately R hurt his foot last Friday so we weren't able to have a repeat beach walk somewhere else along the coast for bank holiday weekend. But we did fit in a barbecue, iced lattes and picked some ripe strawberries from the garden. There are still plenty of places in Kent that we still have to explore and I'm looking forward to having more little adventures.