Happy List :: Twenty-Four

The weather has been so rubbish recently which is a major disappointment for May. I've been layering myself in jumpers and blankets every evening although my nose has remained firmly chilly. It's been especially frustrating when the days have been grey and drizzly, that is up until early evening when the sun eventually comes out, sigh. At least there's been some sun I guess! 

  1. The other night, just before falling asleep, R and I heard something that we thought was someone trying to break into our house. On investigation it turned out to be a very large noisy hedgehog at the kitchen door. He was completely unbothered by us but eventually trundled off elsewhere in the garden allowing us to get some sleep.
  2. I've had some downtime so have managed to blast through my reading list the last two weeks. So far I've read Dictator and Mothering Sunday. I've started reading Heart of Darkness, which is my third attempt, but I've been too easily distracted and it requires a lot of my concentration to get into, so I've started on The Optician of Lampedusa instead. I'm going to work on a reading roundup post soon to go into them all in more detail!
  3. I so enjoyed watching The Last Kingdom and am pretty bummed that this season has finished but I have my fingers crossed for a third season! Have you been watching it? If not make sure you do, it's soo good!
  4. Last Thursday R and I went to Byron for dinner and to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was fun. The movie soundtrack was pretty ace again!
  5. I ran a paper making workshop at the weekend for work which went really well and I now have a load of dried rose petals left over from it. I'm not really sure what to do with them now so if you have any suggestions let me know!
  6. Last Sunday we picked up a free coffee with our loyalty card, and we all know that free coffee tastes the best.
  7. I re-discovered a great recipe of leek risotto with lemon chicken, which was one of my absolute favourites when I was younger. 
  8. There's a really lovely shop in Canterbury with loads of lovely bits and pieces in it, and I saw some nice velvet cushions there which are soon going to be sprucing up the sofa. Yay, pretty things.
  9. I ordered some bath salts and the recent edition of Cereal magazine from The Future Kept which should be arriving this week, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing bath and a new read. 
  10. Possibly one of the best things recently is the fact that we have finally booked our weekend away to Edinburgh next month! I can't wait, and it's going to be just the right time as one of the mugs I bought on my last visit has lost it's handle.

Some bits from around:

There are some days when I'm just so tempted to give everything in, run off to the woods and live in a tiny home, maybe one like this. I've been a bit frustrated with Instagram recently but have been loving Endearing Everyday's feed. Like a lot of people I love Yoga with Adrienne and this video has been a nice quick flow I've been enjoying recently. Finally, some puppy love.