Life Lately & June Playlist

The last few months seem to have slipped through my fingers and now I've found myself in June without really knowing where the time went. May is such a fab month with the double bank holidays, so it's always a shame to see it pass by so quickly. I've been feeling a little lacking in creativity blog wise the last couple of weeks, but I've been hit with a new burst of inspiration and enthusiasm, which I am very happy about. Fingers crossed it lasts!

May was quite a disjointed month for me, I was all over the place and it's been a struggle to get back into the groove of things the last few weeks, but I think I'm just about there. Having said that, we have our Edinburgh trip in a few weeks which is a most welcome break from routine. We haven't done any planning for it, but I just know it will involve all the tasty food, coffee spots and so much walking about. I. Can't. Wait. Although, I have been tempted to indulge in a few purchases for spring/summer and keep using Edinburgh as a potential justification for this. I think this is also due to watching The Anna Edit's style vlogs, which I have been absolutely loving recently! I always seem to struggle with my wardrobe come sunshine season, I just never know what to do with myself and struggle to let go of wearing my trusty jeans daily. 

The last few weeks of May also brought with it increased enthusiasm for making my own clothes. I took advantage of a discount code and purchased Sew Over It's e-book with 5 patterns, downloaded some free bra patterns from Madalynne, purchased the items I need to make my first bra and started working out how to re-create a floaty top that is crazy expensive in store. I made some further progress with making my second pair of ultimate trousers, which hopefully will be finished in time for Edinburgh, if I can get my butt into gear that is. In June I have a jersey sewing workshop to go to as well, which I'm so excited for. This month is the month, I feel it. This sewing bug has been a great distraction from politics too, although it hasn't stopped me from dreaming about the election, or maybe I should say nightmare?

Last month I watched Riverdale and it's fair to say that I kinda loved it (understatement). It's cheesy and wonderful. The lighting and costumes and the use of colour theory is fab. I really liked the music too which has fed into my playlist in a HUGE way. R and I also started watching series 2 of Master of None this week, it's so good that we're trying to eke it out for as long as possible. ALLORA! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!