Edinburgh, Take Two

So last weekend R and I went off to Edinburgh for for a few days for a nice long weekend. I was so excited to go there and experience the city together, but as usual we left all the planning of what we wanted to do to the last minute. We travelled up by train on the Friday morning arriving in the city about 3ish, and headed straight to our AirBnB which was by Grassmarket. It was the sweetest flat and had views out to the castle from the bedroom and kitchen which was really cool! We headed out to The Cambridge Bar for burgers on a recommendation and shared the cheesiest nachos which were so tasty. We were also pretty chuffed to see that our flat was right by a cat cafe, so we got to see all the cute cats curled up in the window every time we walked past. 

One of our plans for this trip, and actually most of our trips away, involved eating all the tasty food we could find, but we didn't actually indulge that much. We spent the Saturday wandering around farmers markets, where we picked up some bits for lunch, and then headed over to Stockbridge, where I fell in love with literally every building we walked past. Afterwards, we found ourselves near the botanic gardens and had lunch in the park opposite, where we sat and listened to a podcast episode under a tree. The goodies we picked up from the market included the most amazing harrisa lamb sausage roll, a scotch egg and a peanut butter brownie. On our way we'd also stopped off for coffee at Sรถderberg (thanks Laura for the suggestion!) and I picked up a raspberry and vanilla pastry which was SO good. For dinner we ended up at Vittoria on the Bridge for pizza and pasta then wandered around Greyfriars Kirkyard for a bit, because we're romantic like that. I actually took R there to show him Tom Riddle's grave, which he was so not bothered by. 

I thought that we could go for a walk in Holyrood park and Arthur's Seat on the Sunday, as that was supposed to be the coolest day. It was still really warm but we did it anyway, after visiting Peter's Yard for a breakfast of tea and pastries, naturally. We ended up choosing the best weekend for going away, as although it was really warm it meant we missed out on some of the more extreme temperatures down south. Afterward, we headed back to Grassmarket for pulled pork rolls from Oink and ice cream from Mary's Milk Bar. I chose milk and dark chocolate, while R had pistachio and dark chocolate, I guess we will just have to visit again so I can try the white chocolate and basil flavour! By this point both of us were flagging a little from the heat and all the walking so we  had a chill out at the flat before heading out for a dinner of tacos and a walk up Calton Hill- because we clearly hadn't done enough walking all weekend. We spent the rest of the evening eating pick and mix (yaassss) and watching Wonder Woman at the cinema. If you have not seen this movie, go! I mean it's the same old superhero action movie you've seen before, but it's so much better. It was just so amazing to see and I can't wait until my niece is old enough to watch it. Also it was so nice to see a movie where the female character isn't really objectified and the camera doesn't voyeuristically focus on her boobs or butt for gratification. 

On Monday we ended up having the tastiest breakfast of the trip at Loudon's Cafe. We wish we'd known about it earlier as it was so delicious. R had avocado and poached eggs on toast while I had French toast with peach compote, sour cream and hazelnuts. We decided that we should have each had a slice of the avo toast, followed by the French toast for pudding, both so delicious. Afterwards, we packed up our stuff and headed out for yet more walking and a snoop in some of the shops before heading to Dishoom for lunch. At first I wasn't sure we should go there as we've been to the Kings Cross branch in London, and I usually like to eat at local places. But considering our previous Dishoom visits were literally a year apart, and we don't really venture into London that often, we decided that we could not pass up the opportunity for delicious food. I'm so glad we decided this because we got the chance to finally try the okra fries, which were a revelation and darn delicious. 

There's still SO much of Edinburgh that I have yet to discover, but I am seriously in love with that city. There's just something about it that makes you want to pack up and live there!