Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

On the Saturday we were in Edinburgh, we stopped by the Royal Botanic Garden to have a little wander around, because who doesn't enjoy a little garden action? The Gardens are free to enter but if you want to see what's inside the greenhouses then you have to buy a ticket, which is only £6.50 for adults. We didn't bother with the greenhouse ticket but they did look really cool so maybe next time!

They had a really nice selection of plants that you can buy in the shop and other lovely things in there too. I got very distracted by the plants for sale in the shop and pretty much wanted to buy the majority of them. R had to reason with me that it was a bit too impractical to attempt to take all those plants on the long train journey home though. I'm glad he did as we did not have space for them, but I took a note of my favourites so I'm hoping I might be able to find them from somewhere closer!

It was a really nice way to spend an afternoon, as we were able to go in and out of the sunshine, taking cover whenever we needed it, and taking a moment to admire our surroundings. It was fairly busy, but probably no more so than any other green space on a sunny day in the UK, and we found it to be very peaceful and quiet. I'm pretty sure we didn't see everything there, and I think it would be a really nice place to visit throughout the year to see how the gardens change with the seasons. There were also these really cool plants that looked like giant spikey rhubarb plants, I think they were my favourite!

 If you're a plant lover, or just a general fan of the outdoors and green things then I would recommend giving the Botanic Garden a visit, especially as they had an ice cream van just outside too!