Lessons Learnt: Making my First Bra

Well it's more like a bralet/ crop top situation instead of a fully structured bra. There wasn't any underwiring, hooks and eyes or other faffing to deal with in making this which made it nice and simple for a first attempt at underwear. I used Madalynne's free pattern for the Mallori Lane which is more for A-C sizes, but she suggests using power net for bigger cups which worked really well for me. As it isn't underwired the support for it comes from compression, much like a crop top or sports bra, but so much prettier and comfier! I spent a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon making this up after a long morning at work. It is seriously one of the most comfortable things I have worn and I am so glad I gave it a go! 

So here are a few things I learnt in making my first bralet:

  1. Help may be required with the placing of the shoulder straps to avoid sticking yourself with pins. R helped with making some pencil marks to avoid this happening! 
  2. Following the instructions by using temporary adhesive spray would probably make it easier and quicker as the layers do have a tendency to slip around a bit. I found a way around this by tacking the layers together which did an ok job.
  3. It was so much easier to make than I first thought. There are minimal instructions, but they were very easy to understand and the accompanying photographs really helped with this too. 
  4. It would probably look better if I'd used white thread instead of the pinky/mauve colour. Unfortunately I didn't have enough white left and I was too lazy and impatient to make it to wait to get more. 
  5. It is really tricky to photograph well! Although that's probably because of my poor flat lay skills rather than anything else lol. 

I really can't stress how much simpler, and quicker it was to make, much more so than I was expecting which is a big plus. The other great thing about making underwear is that you need so much less fabric than other garments which means you can indulge in more pricier, fancy fabrics! I didn't this time as it was my first ever go, and I just bought some pieces from Etsy. In particular I got my supplies from The Bra Shop and Evie La Luve and I received my items really quickly from both shops. I even have enough of the pink lace left to make some matching pants which is always a win. I'm so impressed with how it came out that I am definitely going to buy Madalynne's Simplicity pattern to try making a different style.