My Week In....Numbers #2

6:40 ….. The time of our alarm yesterday to make sure we got to the polling stations nice and early before work started and to avoid any potential queues.

2 ….. Episodes of House of Cards watched. R and I watched it for date night last night and we ended up watching the election episode, pretty apt considering.

4 ….. Pink Lady apples eaten. The batch bought this week have not been great though, all chalky and weird. 

1 ….. GBK Burger eaten. This again was part of our date night/ election evening setup. It was a nice evening, and good to ignore everything else for a little bit. 

3 ….. Chapters read. So far June has not been great for my reading plans, but May was a pretty kick ass month as I read so many enjoyable books. 

1 …. Pamper evening had which included a bubble bath, skincare routine and time for painting my nails. 

2.5 ….. Inches cut off the ends of my hair. It feels so much lighter and swishier! I think it’s my favourite style cut I’ve had.

50 ….. The factor of my new face SPF that I ordered earlier this week. It’s surprisingly doubled up as a good moisturiser and base for my makeup, so win win.

5000 ….. Times my heart has melted checking out cat and puppy pictures this week. My new favourite is Piglet the sausage dog, she’s so tiny and adorable!

3 ….. Pairs of black chelsea boots I’ve been looking at. I’ve been wanting a pair for a few years now but have been struggling finding something that’s just right. 

12 ..... Strawberries picked from the garden! We've got a whole load more that are turning that perfect strawberry red and will hopefully be ready by the weekend. I'm tempted to make them into strawberry shortcakes, if they last that long that is...

How has your week been going?