Happy List :: Twenty-Six

I think I'm officially over January now, it's just so bleak and cold and I'm very much ready for some nicer days. Despite the greyness of the month there have been lots of lovely things happening lately so I thought I would gather them together in a happy list. P.s I know these photos are terrible, I blame the poor lighting in Yo Sushi and my haste to take them as quickly as possible to get on to the eating bit. I wanted to share them anyway as the accompanying memories are good, and really, that's what matters, right?

  1. I started re-watching Friends, which is the perfect antidote to the gross weather. It had been so long since I had last seen Friends so it was definitely time for a re-watch when it landed on Netflix. I had forgotten how great 90s fashion and hairstyles were, especially in the early seasons.
  2. I signed up for Sophie Cliff’s e-course after becoming rather adrift with blogging in the latter half of last year. So far it’s been great and really helpful!
  3. Over the last couple of weeks on my walk to work I have been noticing the trees starting to produce buds and some early daffodils flowering, which has been so nice to see in this rather bleak January. The other great thing about walking to work is seeing all the dogs out for their early morning walk and sometimes a cat or two.
  4. Right at the start of this year R and I went out for a sushi lunch date (thanks to my sister for the great Christmas present of a restaurant voucher.) We both tried the sumo bowls and decided that R’s teriyaki beef bowl was the better choice over my katsu chicken. We also tried mochi balls, black espresso and mango flavour, which were interesting. We still have a voucher left and will probably end up using it for Yo again!
  5. My plan of reading more this year has, so far, been going really well. I’ve managed to read 8 books and am almost finished with book 9. I’m hoping to get a good few more under my belt for this month as I know this streak probably won’t last long.
  6. The other weekend we caught up with some friends after the Christmas break. I made pizza bases, which went down really well, and we all topped them with our favourite toppings. I was pretty pleased with my sausage, prosciutto, goat cheese, chilli jam combo and think I will need to recreate it soon!
  7. One of my favourite things about our weekends is our trips to our favourite coffee place in town. This year we finally tried their peanut butter and chocolate cake which is so so good. I’m hoping we will both be well enough to have some this weekend, as R is currently recovering from flu.
  8. Having a wood-burner installed just before Christmas was so great as it’s really helped to keep those January blues at bay. It’s also been great as R has to put up with this constantly.
  9. The other week R and I took advantage of Byron Burgers 50% deal and spent a soggy Wednesday night chatting over burgers, chips and really great cream soda. It was one of the best ways to spend a mid-week January evening.
  10. This month was also Mum’s birthday so one weekend was spent heading into London to grab lunch (and chocolate Fudge Cake) and see La Sylphide. On Sunday we ended up eating a pancake breakfast, followed by country walks and family time before we journeyed back to Kent.