Happy List :: Thirty-Three

How are there only six weeks left until Christmas?! It’s scary how quickly the months and years seem to pass now, and it’s something I still can’t keep up with. I had planned on being super productive and organised with present buying this year, but alas it hasn’t worked out that way so far. Luckily I do have a good idea of what to get most people, although I’m still stumped on a few! November so far has been pretty jam-packed with work and is set to continue to stay busy, and at home this coming weekend is the only one we don’t have plans for. Thankfully it’s not all rush rush, busy busy, as I’ve had a few days of annual leave booked here and there and we like to keep things fairly chill at home when we can. So here are a few things that have been making me happy over the last few weeks:

  1. Last weekend we headed over to Oxfordshire to visit my sister and her partner in their new house. It was such a lovely weekend with games, cuddles with their lovely cat, and tasty food.

  2. On Tuesday R and I went to the Marlowe Theatre for the Philharmonia Orchestra evening of music from Spielberg movies. It was good fun, and we both enjoyed watching the guy playing the Timpani drums as he was awesome.

  3. Last week I went to Brussels for the day for work, and despite it being a really long day it was also really fun. We ended up getting slices of pizza for dinner at the station and I managed to get my Belgian waffle eating on too.

  4. I took an annual leave day on Monday and spent it reading, de-cluttering my wardrobe and making leek and parmesan risotto for dinner which was really tasty.

  5. On our journey to Oxford we picked up a Peruvian hot chocolate from the station and it was one of the best hot chocolates I’ve tasted for quite a while. It was the perfect balance of chocolate and milk without being too sweet.

  6. I ordered my diary for next year and it’s got stickers and tear out reminder notes and lots of note pages. So basically, I am very excited to get cracking with filling it in! It’s this one from Busy B if you’re interested!

  7. Last week we celebrated more birthdays at work which meant more cake! I made an apple and maple syrup cake for it and my colleague made the most delicious cinnamon buns!

  8. for the last couple of months I’ve been listening to audiobooks before I go to sleep and it’s become one of my favourite ways to wind down at the end of the day. So far I’ve gone back to my tried and tested favourites of Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice.

  9. I finally got around to getting my hair cut! It was my first cut since February so it was in desperate need of sorting. It’s now quite a bit shorter, which makes tying it up interesting, but it’s been a great refresh!

  10. Now that the evenings have got so dark and grim we’ve got the log burner going again. Pumpkin is a very big fan and likes to stretch herself out as long as possible right in front of it, with a very contented sleepy expression on her face. We lit the fire for a movie night with a friend the other weekend, and enjoyed the glow whilst we watched What we do in the Shadows.


-I love seeing a tiny home andthis airstream tour was cool!

-This twitter account that generates plots for Midsomer Murders makes me a chuckle.

-These salted chocolate, hazelnut and rye cookies sound delicious.

-Wes Anderson has curated an exhibition in Vienna. I’m tempted.

-Delicious curry recipes? Yes please. Ginger cake with whiskey caramel sauce? YES PLEASE.





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