Life Lately :: November

1….Oxford Weekend

I already mentioned this in my happy list, but we had such a lovely weekend visiting my sister and her partner in Oxfordshire. It might have rained pretty much the whole weekend but we had so much fun playing mario kart, eating tasty food and exploring the area. We headed out to a local coffee shop where I tried a coconut milk hot chocolate and shared a walnut mocha cake with R.

1….Manchester Weekend

This last weekend we visited our friends who moved to Manchester in May. It was so fab to catch up with them and hear all about their wedding plans for next year (I am so excited for it!). We headed out Saturday night for a night of Bruce Springsteen music and burgers.


I’ve not been so busy with baking this month but did make a sticky maple and apple cake for a colleagues birthday, and made my third ever batch of brownies which turned out pretty gooey but the best ones so far. I think baking them in a larger tin helped it cook a bit better and meant it didn’t stay as wet in the middle as it usually does. I also tried a new brownie recipe which might have helped!

7….books read

This month I’ve read seven books so far and am currently on my eighth (Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run). Book highlights this month included The Secret History, One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Shadow of the Wind. I’ve got some festive books in my reading pile which I’m looking forward to cracking into next month. This month I’ve also listened to Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

A few other things

You know it’s been colder as Pumpkin has been curling up on my lap every evening, and on the bed by our feet every night, it’s the cutest thing. We’ve been exploring mortgage options!! It’s pretty exciting but also pretty scary, fingers crossed everything goes well. I’ve planned some fun festive crafts for December which I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into. That little succulent above in the yellow pot has managed to kill itself; I take no responsibility for it’s slow loss as despite my previous bad luck with plants (you can read about that here), I’ve actually managed to keep the rest of ours alive. I had a couple of tests at the hospital this month which provided some answers for one issue but hasn’t thrown any light on what’s going on with my appendix *thumbs up*. I’ve been incredibly grateful for the NHS this year and all of the really friendly, helpful staff that have done so much for myself and loved ones this year.

Some other things:

How has your November been?




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