December Playlist

As soon as December 1st arrives it’s open season on Christmas music. As much as I love a bit of Wham and Mariah, it sometimes gets a little tedious and overplayed, so that by the time the 25th comes around the last thing I want to do is sing along with Mr Bublé. I like to save those truly festive tunes for certain events and activities during the month, so I don’t get too fed up with them and that they lose their magic. I started this weekend with Spotify’s Christmas is Coming playlist while I made mince pies, and it had a great load of the classics. I plan to crack them out again next weekend when R and I get our tree and decorate it. They will also have to be played when mum and I get together to make Christmas wreaths and gingerbread, for any other festive baking I do, drives home and the day itself when festive tunes demand to be played at full blast whilst you boogie away making Christmas breakfast.

To counteract all of that I’ve put together my alternative December playlist, something that brings a little of the season but doesn’t drown you in all the classic hits. It’s pretty all over the place in terms of style, beats and interest and with some tenuous connections to the month, but I quite like that. There are a few old favourites in here that I haven’t listened to in ages, like Mumford & Sons Winter Winds, and Tom Waits I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You. Also, I always associate Dancing in the Moonlight with December and the new year, it’s just so bouncy and fun- perfect for kitchen boogies.

Anyway, if you give it a listen I hope you enjoy!

So the important question is, what’s your ultimate Christmas song?




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