Spring Thinking

I know we’ve had a bout of colder weather recently, but I’m so happy that winter is finally over and you can spot signs of spring popping up all around the place. One of my favourite things about winter finally being over is the fact that we now no longer wake up in the dark. Plus getting home while it’s still light makes all the difference. I love it! That early evening light at this time of year, with the birds singing, is really something special.

There are lots of things I’m looking forward to doing this spring, one of those things which is high on the list is getting our garden sorted. It’s rather sad and shabby right now after the winter, but it’s only small so shouldn’t take too long to get it looking better. Plus there are already daffodils opening up and other flowers here and there. We’re not really sure what we want to do with the space as it’s a bit of an awkward shape, so it’s going to take some planning and thinking. In previous years we’ve grown veg, which was really fun, but maybe this year we’ll go for both veg and flowers, a mix of practical and pretty? We’ll see.

Another project is to spring clean the house and see if we can get rid of some stuff that we never use or need. R and I are both ‘just in case’ people so aren’t particularly good at getting rid of things. We have managed to send a few bags of things to the charity shops over the last couple of years, but there’s still a bit more that can go. We also need to rearrange the contents of the kitchen cupboards- there’s only so much tea you can drink after all!

Other things I’m looking forward to doing this season include getting back into some of my sewing projects. I still have another pair of Ultimate Trousers that I haven’t finished yet, and there are some other lovely patterns I want to have a go at! I also plan on doing some baking, and with Easter just around the corner it’s the perfect excuse to make hot cross buns and lemon drizzle cake!

What are you looking forward to this spring? 




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