Ways to Spend a Sunday :: Coffee

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my absolute favourite ways to spend a Sunday is with a book and a cup of something warm in a coffee shop. R and I have tried many different places in Canterbury, each place offering something a little bit different to the last; and each time we think we’ve found our favourite only to be lured away by some-place else.

Although we don’t fit it in every weekend we pretty much have our coffee routine down now. After a slow morning with breakfast in bed- the only way to weekend, especially on a Sunday- we head out, R with his laptop and a book for me. Sometimes it might be a mocha, a latte, ginger or green tea that we order and occasionally- if it calls to me enough- a good slice of cake. Because, well, it's a Sunday after all, and what’s a Sunday without cake? R then taps away at his work while I get stuck into my reading, although neither of us gets very far with either as we chat away about bits and pieces. We've become such regulars to our local that the Sunday baristas know our usual coffee order, which only makes things better, because who doesn’t want to be recognised and welcomed when they go places?

I love our little routine, it feels like something that is truly ours, and although one of us might have to work weekends now and then, we often try to snatch a little coffee time together which makes it all the sweeter.

The ultimate Sunday coffee shop check list:

  • Good WiFi is a must if you want to get caught up with any work, or even just to share that perfect latte art on insta. 

  • Delicious tea, coffee and cake goes without saying, but I’m gonna add it anyway, it is the most important thing after all!
  • Comfy seating so you can sit and read to your hearts content, whilst you sample the whole drinks menu (and try all the cakes) of course.
  • Light music that doesn't interfere with conversation or that all important book. There’s nothing worse than a coffee shop that’s too quiet (which means everyone can hear your conversation about that black cat you saw behind the garden shed) or one that’s too loud and distracting.
  • A friendly welcoming atmosphere, both from the staff and the interiors. Gotta get that gram after all ;)
  • Somewhere independent so you know your supporting something local. It's even better when they also sell their coffee too! 


How do you like to spend your sunday? what’s on your coffee shop list? LET ME KNOW!




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