Happy List :: Twenty-Seven

Happy Friday! This has been quite a long week, so I’m really looking forward to having some downtime this weekend. We have some fun things planned for it, with afternoon tea with the family, and maybe a visit to the cinema. Obviously, the highlight from the last few weeks was our weekend in Shoreditch, but there have been some other lovely little things that have been making me happy recently. So let's get stuck in!

  1. R and I started Couch to 5K again this weekend. I forgot how good it was, and was really chuffed with how much easier I have found it a second time around. The other great thing was that on our Sunday run we saw a sausage dog and a beagle amongst all the other cute puppers that were out. Amazing.

  2. Our living room is now a really lovely space to relax in now that the walls have been painted. There’s still stuff to do to it, but it makes me so happy. We also picked up a new plant and log basket, which really helps the space look more pulled together.

  3. I played in a few netball matches at work last week, which is the first time I’ve played since school, and it was so much fun. Although, it did make me realise how unfit I’ve become.

  4. I’ve had some really lovely long phone chats with my mum and nan the last few weeks, and I also get to see them both this weekend for afternoon tea. Yay.

  5. I watched all of series three of Love on Netflix and LOVED it. I didn’t realise it was the last series though which is a total bummer.

  6. R and I finished watching Ugly Delicious which we both enjoyed and found really interesting. The discussions had us both thinking and discussing them ourselves during and after each episode.

  7. We picked up a really tasty cold brew coffee during our food shop. It was the Alpro Caffe Coffee and Soya Caramel and was on offer in our local Sainsbury.

  8. I made Welsh cakes for the first time the other weekend. They turned out pretty good I think for a first attempt, even though I didn’t have enough sultanas!

  9. My nan has a new rescue Siamese cat called Edith. She wasn’t sure she was going to get another cat, but I’m so happy she has as she was really missing having some company.

  10. I made my first Glossier order recently. I ordered the cloud paint and phase two set with the concealer, boy brow and generation g lipstick in zip. I wasn’t sure how my skin would get on with it, as it seems to break-out over anything, but *touch wood* so far it’s been ok.

  11. Bonus: One of my favourite things recently has been the fact that we no longer wake up in the dark, or walk home in the dark. I’m so happy that spring is on its way!


How has your week been? What’s been making you happy recently?