Weekend Moments

Despite the super cold temperature and snowy weather, I had such a lovely weekend. It was mostly spent inside, cosying up on the sofa with my book and hot chocolate in front of the fire. I am so not on board with the sudden temperature drop, especially after we had such a glorious, sunny day last Friday. Roll on spring please!

I booked afternoon tea for my nan's Christmas present, so on Saturday my parents, R and I took her over to the Falstaff. It was really tasty, and the interiors were gorgeous- I really wanted to take the enormous comfy sofa home with me. I think the scones were my favourite part of the meal (and the amaretto sour) and hearing all about my nan's new cat! 

On Sunday R and I headed out for coffee and picked up some bits for dinner, we also nabbed a pot of daffodils for 55p from M&S, win! The rest of the afternoon I spent finishing reading Jo's Boys and started my new book that arrived on Friday with my book order, yay new books! This weekend we took full advantage of the necessary snowy hibernation by watching The Death of Stalin and Annihilation in the evenings. Yes to Death of Stalin, a big wtf to Annihilation, which left me totally creeped out and required lots of cute cat and puppy pictures to feel normal again.

I thought I would try something a little bit different with this post after really enjoying Lizzy Hadfield's weekly film posts, and Rhianna's creativity with drawing on her photos, let me know what you think! This experiment did make me realise that I cannot write without guidelines, and that my handwriting is kinda messy (and also how difficult it is to write neatly using a tablet). 


How was your weekend?




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