Reading List :: January & February

I am really pleased with how many books I have read so far this year. I know I won't be able to keep the pace up, because life, but I plan on always having a book on my person wherever I am and to read at least a little every day. So here are the books I read in January and February:

Little Women, Louisa May Alcott

After the BBC series I had to re-read this, plus my Nan gifted me the beautiful Rifle Paper version for Christmas, so it was an obvious choice to start the year with. 

Moriarty, Anthony Horowitz

I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. It was an ok read, but nothing particularly amazing.

Disgrace, J.M. Coetzee

I could not put this book down. The main character isn't particularly sympathetic but I found the writing so compelling.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, Judith Kerr

This was a lovely read, especially as it's based on her own experiences. 

Bombs on Aunt Dainty, Judith Kerr

This is the sequel to Pink Rabbit, which wasn't quite as good as the first but still an enjoyable book.

Destination Unknown, Agatha Christie

I wasn't really sure what to expect with this as I found it at my parents' house and didn't really read the blurb. I found it a fun read with an interesting concept.

Frenchman’s Creek, Daphne du Maurier

I have a full love affair going on with du Maurier at the moment. This is possibly one of my favourites, after all you can't go too wrong with a pirate love affair, right?

Little Men, Louisa May Alcott

I read this as a young teenager and remember loving it. It didn't quite work well as a second read through and I got a little frustrated with how changed Jo's character is. 

Jamaica Inn, Daphne du Maurier

I don't think there's a du Maurier book that I don't love. I found it a little predictable at times but it was really atmospheric and tense.

A Death in Tuscany, Michelle Giutarri

This was an enjoyable, fast read, if a little predictable at times. 

Murder is Easy, Agatha Christie

Possibly not the best Christie book, but was a nice introduction to her murder mystery style. 

A Small Person Far Away, Judith Kerr

This is the final book of the Pink Rabbit trilogy. I think it was my least favourite but it was a nice easy read and interesting insight into the characters when they're older.

Little Deaths, Emma Flint

Clearly this year is the year of the crime book for me. I enjoyed this book, the characters were fairly compelling but it did get a little slow at points. 

The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Agatha Christie

My first Poirot book was enjoyable. I did guess the murderer but not the motive, but also fell into the red herring traps so kept changing my mind. 

The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway

I read this in one evening and loved it. I found it really tense at some points and frustrating, but I guess that's also part of the point of the book.

The Hound of the Baskervilles, Arthur Conan Doyle

This was the first Sherlock Holmes book I've read. I enjoyed it, but do find Holmes to be a slightly irritating, superior character. But I loved the depiction of Dartmoor, which also reminded me of Jamaica Inn.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Anne Brontë

I failed to finish reading Wuthering Heights (something I really need to go back to) so wasn't sure how well I would get on with this. I found it a bit of a slow start, but couldn't stop reading it once I got into it. I didn't really see the appeal of the main male character though.

Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty

This was a really interesting book to read after Wildfell Hall as both books deal with toxic relationships. I loved the TV series, and it was nice to see a slightly different version of the characters.

A Room with a View, E.M. Forster

This was another re-read which I still enjoyed a second time around. I'm sure there are layers to this book that I still have missed though, but it's worth it for the dreamy descriptions.

Tender is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald

I didn't enjoy this as much as The Great Gatsby, but it still had some really lovely sentences and descriptions. I did find it a little bit too long and circuitous and I wasn't itching to be reading it like I had with other books on this list.

What about you, what have you been reading lately?