Life Lately :: March & April

The last two months seem to have disappeared in front of my eyes, probably because I had two lovely, busy months. March was especially great, full of fun plans and a lovely long Easter weekend. The end of April though, brought about the biggest change in our house, with the addition of a lovely little black cat.



March started with R and I trudging through the snow to get to work each day, which was actually really fun, and meant work was full of cake and hot chocolate. The snow was also great to have a good excuse to cosy down in front of the log-burner with a book- one of my favourite things to do.

There were lots of things to celebrate in March, the biggest one being R getting a new work contract! We celebrated at Yo Sushi, discussing plans for the future and generally feeling content with life. We also celebrated our lovely friend G getting a new job, which was such great news, even though it means she’s moved away- boo!

We spent the Easter weekend catching up with family, playing scrabble and eating delicious roast dinner. There had been plans to actually get things done, but the weather wasn’t on our side, which actually worked in our favour as we spent the best weekend just relaxing all together. I also took the opportunity to take some annual leave days to make it an extra long break and it was the best decision. I started Couch to 5K again, and although I haven’t got very far with it for various reasons, I’m pretty pleased with my progress and the fact that I’m finding it a lot easier a second time around. I also played netball a few times, which is something I hadn’t done since school.

April was also full of all the things, including work socials and meeting new people. I did some baking for the first time in months! I baked up cookies for work (and in the process I think I have found my new favourite cookie recipe) and coffee cake for family birthdays. I was pretty pleased with how well it all came out, considering how long it had been and how unreliable our oven is. I took the cake home to celebrate my sister and Grandma’s birthdays, and enjoyed my parents delicious spaghetti bolognese- one of the best!

The beautiful sunshine we enjoyed in April meant R and I spent a Sunday evening on Whitstable beach with fish and chips. Last month we also visited some cat shelters and ended up bringing a lovely little 11 month old black cat home. We’ve renamed her Pumpkin and she is already well settled and a total mischief maker! She is incredibly cute and has the tiniest little meow, and we are completely smitten.



I finally got around to watching Call Me by Your Name, which I absolutely loved. R and I also made it to the cinema to see Avengers Infinity War, which was really good. My favourite film that I watched recently though has to be Paterson. The combination of Adam Driver, cute dog and poetry was just great, and if you haven’t seen it I really think you should.

Season 2 of The Last Kingdom finally arrived on Netflix so I’ve been busy rewatching that, as well as starting The Good Fight on Amazon Prime. Both of which have been very enjoyable, but now I'm a bit stuck on what to watch next, any suggestions?



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