Introducing Pumpkin

It finally happened. After years and months of wishing and wanting (and frequent checks of cat rescue websites) we now have a mini panther in the house. We picked up the cutest little mischief maker about a month ago from Cats Protection, and it is one of the best things we have ever done. 

We’ve wanted cats for so so long, but it was never quite the right time. But finally, earlier this year, R and I were both in a situation where adding a little furry cat friend to our family felt like the right decision. So, let me introduce you to Pumpkin, a cheeky little lady who has utterly captured our hearts and immediately established herself as ruler of the house. She's only a year old, so is very energetic and playful, she's also incredibly inquisitive and not in the least bit shy. This weekend she met my parents and sisters and was totally cool about all these new people in the house, and was particularly taken with my niece. 

A little bit more about Pumpkin:

Her favourite game is hiding under the bed to jump out at your feet as you walk around. She absolutely loves her food and enjoys curling up on a lap after she's had her breakfast. Her favourite toy has already been destroyed, but she still loves playing with it. She is incredibly curious and likes to have a nose at everything that's happening outside. She chirps frequently when she stretches, gets up or generally moves around. She only really purrs first thing in the morning, when we come home from work, or when she's getting ready to cuddle up on a lap. She likes making biscuits and nibbling on my fluffy blanket like a kitten. She has slight stripes on the back of her head and a tiny white patch on her belly. She likes to race us up and down the stairs and follows us around the house like a shadow, and greets us with meows and headbutts when we get home. 

She is my favourite little nibbler and I cannot imagine our house or lives without her in it.