A Few Things in May and June

May seems like such a long time ago now, and this year seems to be running full steam ahead towards September and another new year. Although it's been a while, I don’t want to forget about all the lovely things we got up to so thought I would combine May with my June roundup!

I managed to fit sixteen runs in during May which I was so so happy with. I have really fallen in love with running this year and hope to keep that going for as long as possible, and have even considered signing up for a few proper runs!

I had a really fun work away day taking part in Crystal Maze challenges. I think it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a work team building day! I also attempted making cheesecake for the first time in four years for a colleagues birthday. Unfortunately both attempts were a bit of a disaster, with my bain marie leaking into my cheesecake tin and making the crust soggy. More practice is clearly required. 

One of the best events of the year occurred in May... Eurovision. R and I marked it by eating tapas, drinking gin (well I did anyway) and trying to get the cat interested. We also spent the morning eating breakfast at the Refectory Kitchen, which is possibly the best breakfast spot in all of Canterbury!

May was filled with lots of family time too. R and I headed over to my nan’s for a light Sunday lunch which my parents turned up to as well. We spent the afternoon sat in her garden in the sunshine with the cat shouting at us. My parents and sisters came up again to go see Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at the Marlowe which was beautiful, if a little different.

June happenings

Despite starting June off with doctor and hospital visits we got up to some really fun things during the month. We had a few days in Amsterdam, which was beautiful and is another place I would be happy to move to. There were so many cats that wandered in and out of shops, which of course made me super happy. We got a visit in to the Rijksmuseum, but spent most of the time chilling out and walking around the city, and of course finding all of the tasty food to eat.

Recently we’ve been trying to explore more of Kent so spent a Saturday morning in Whitstable visiting coffee shops and their independent bookshop. I picked up a Truman Capote book, and Shirley Jackson, which I think I might save for October, an appropriate time for scary stories right? On another weekend we drove over to Faversham and had delicious tea and cake at The Yard, purchased flowers in the market and decided which house we would like to live in.

There were various fun things at work in June, with our team picnic, staff BBQ and colleagues birthdays- all of which meant lots of cake was consumed. I made my first Banana Boston Cream Cake which I was pretty pleased with, and have decided to make the most of all these cake opportunities by finally working my way through all the different Hummingbird recipes I have.

R and I spent a Friday evening at the cinema to see Ocean’s 8 which we both ended up really enjoying. Neither of us knew much about it, so didn’t have any preconceptions or high hopes, but it was really enjoyable and funny, and Cate Blanchett looks divine in it. I have since spent my time working out if I can pull off that haircut and a green velvet suit…

After having a few weeks break from running- due to being ill- I got in a few 5K runs which I was really pleased with. R and I also attempted making hummus which turned out fairly well, so now we plan on experimenting with lots of different combinations! Of course the month ended on a high with our lovely beach bbq. Closing a month with smores on the beach, you can’t get much better than that.

What have you been up to recently?