A Beach BBQ

I fall in love with Whitstable a little bit more with every visit I make. It's one of our favourite places to go together, especially in the evenings when food is generally involved. This weekend we decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and have a bbq on the beach. I had a few ideas of what we could eat that would be easy and simple to cook up so was pretty excited for it. After a mostly lazy Saturday - me cuddled up with the cat while R watched the F1 - we packed up what we needed and drove the short distance to the coast. We walked along much of the beach trying to find the quietest spot to set up and ended up near the Tankerton Slopes. 

We hadn't quite prepared for lighting the bbq in the breeze, so after a quick dash to a corner shop for a lighter (we exhausted the half pack of matches we had), we finally got things going. We started with grilled nectarines wrapped in parma ham, which was possibly the best thing we ate. The salty ham mixed with the sweet juicy fruit was so delicious and one we will definitely try again for the next bbq. We followed it up with smoky sausages, and gooey smores. Toasting marshmallows always takes me back to childhood and trying to get my marshmallow as close to the coals as possible, where it inevitably would get covered in ash or burn- but would obviously still be delicious. R also tried melting chocolate on the biscuits, which made the biscuit taste like caramel, yum.

I read and we watched the sky slowly turn colour, then cooled the coals and packed up our things. We headed back to the car smelling strongly of smoke, but happy, with full bellies and new memories. It was definitely the best way to enjoy this heatwave and also meant we were able to miss most of the crowds. I'm hoping we can fit in another beachside bbq before we lose the sunshine.