Life Lately :: July

4 :: new plants

Pumpkin is a nibbler. She likes to nibble all of the things, especially flowers and plants. To avoid any issues I rehomed our dragon tree plant (which we had been hiding and locking in our bathroom) to my office at work. To take its place R and I purchased a few new, non-toxic plants for the house. Of course, within half an hour of them arriving at home they all had little nibble marks in most of the leaves, nice one Pumpkin. They look really good in our re-decorated dining room and living room despite this though! We had a few other new home improvements with some new curtains for the dining room, putting together one of our Ikea chairs in the window for Pumpkin to sunbathe on, as well as finally putting our clock up on the wall. I know it all sounds like silly little things, but they have really made such a difference.


21.5 :: kilometres run

The hot weather has killed most chances of an after work run, which in turn has really put the brakes on my motivation. I also am not an early morning person, despite trying, so getting up for pre-work runs has not been successful. This isn’t too helpful as I signed up for a 10k next month, eek. I’m hoping with some cooler weather to get back into the swing of things, so fingers crossed!


3 :: work celebrations

The department I work for is really good at finding time to celebrate all of the things. Last month we had three separate celebrations, which involved all the cake- no complaints from me! I tried out two new Hummingbird Bakery bakes for a couple of them, a red velvet cake and black and white cheesecake bars. I was pretty pleased with both, but the cheesecake bars were really something else, definitely one to make again. I had a few issues with the cream cheese frosting for the red velvet cake as the weather was just so warm it kept causing the frosting to melt all over the place!


2 :: nights home alone

R had a work trip to Cardiff for a few days so I had a few evenings home alone, which was actually really nice. I lazed about, watched Friends and had lots of cuddles with Pumpkin. I indulged in a long lie in on the Saturday morning before pottering around the house doing chores and reading.


13 :: episodes of The Staircase watched

We started watching this on a recommendation from a colleague. It was really hard going though as we found there was a lot of filler so it dragged out really slowly. I don’t think either of us made up our minds about whether it was murder or not. I also started re-watching Friends again last month. It’s just such easy watching for when you’re too tired in the evening to concentrate on anything in particular. At the start of July, I went to see On Chesil Beach with some work colleagues. The movie was good, although the storyline was a little frustrating; something I should have known considering it’s a McEwan novel. At the end of July Anna, Charlotte and I had our last #hpsonofawitch twitter movie night, which was so much fun as always!


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