Clothing Confidence

I’m not really one for sharing pictures of myself or even having them taken. It feels weird and awkward and I always find something not quite right with them. The other weekend though, I was just feeling so happy and content with things, and I think some of that came from the outfit I was wearing. It was just a simple white tee and jeans but I felt so comfortable, and joked that I was living my cool French girl life. I did a few Tan France hacks by rolling up the sleeves and knotting the side, as otherwise it was just a bit long and shapeless. Of course, it didn’t stay white long, things never do with a black cat in the house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Starting a new job last December has forced me to re-evaluate my wardrobe and the pieces I wear. Now that I walk to work, I’ve rediscovered the importance of layering clothes, which has forced me to work out new combinations to put together. It’s meant I wear more of my clothes than I did before, but also made me realise where I lack certain things, and shown me the items that I really don’t wear or need (mainly due to things being uncomfortable or because I'm sentimental and can't part with certain things). I never really have a distinction between home and work wear, which I think has helped me to experiment more with combining items together, but on weekends I do tend to go even more casual. I’m always one to opt for comfort, so jeans and a tee is nothing new for a Sunday, but this outfit really made me feel like me, which is a pretty incredible thing for an outfit to do I think.

It’s a little frustrating that when women write or talk about clothes it’s often belittled or brushed off as unimportant, when it’s something that we all have to deal with, and has such an impact on how we feel. I wasn't sure about writing this post, and I'm not sure how interested anyone will be, but I wanted to remember how happy I was, in that outfit, on that weekend.

As an aside, I really loved Lulu’s post about her relationship with clothing, and she is so much better at articulating her feelings than I am!




*Photos by R :)

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