Black Cat Appreciation or Four Months of Pumpkin

Apparently today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day. So it seems appropriate to share a little Pumpkin update!

It’s been four months since Pumpkin came into our lives, and I don’t think either of us can remember what it was like without her. It didn’t take her long to settle into living with us, but after four months she is even more sure of herself (if that is even possible). She has adventured outside into the garden and come face to face with the neighbourhood black cats, albeit with a partially open window between them. The neighbour’s cats seem very intrigued by Pumpkin, but we’re not sure how things will go when she eventually meets them in the wild as she isn’t the biggest fan of sharing her space with other cats.

Her behaviour hasn’t changed much, and she still enjoys and does all of the things mentioned in this post. We have since discovered that she isn’t a fan of smoked salmon, she loves to chase bugs and her tongue sticks out when she’s asleep. She doesn’t mind being picked up, and is perfectly happy cradled in R’s arms while he rubs her belly. However, she will let you know, in no uncertain terms, when she has had enough. In the four months with us she has visited my parents house, met Bilbo, and made everyone fall in love with her. My phone has pretty much run out of space with the amount of photos I take of her, proving that black cats are just as photogenic as any other colour!

We knew we wanted to adopt a black cat (because black cats are really awesome), the only difficult decision we had was agreeing on a name. The choice of Pumpkin does confuse a few people, as they think she’s going to be ginger, but it just means she’s super prepared for Halloween!

Apparently black cats are harder to rehome, because of Instagram and general superstitions, but they are just as cute and wonderful as other cats! Pumpkin has made such a difference to our lives, and in all the best ways, here are some of them:

Someone to come home to

Pumpkin is always there at the door ready to greet us when we get home from work, sometimes even waiting at the window. It is the best thing to see after a long day at work, and she gives all the best cuddles and purrs. R travels a fair bit for work so it makes such a difference to have Pumpkin for company and to cuddle up with while he's away.


This really links in with the previous point but, having Pumpkin makes me feel like even more of a family with R. We're our own little unit the three of us, and seeing him being cute with her makes my heart happy.

Cuddles and laughter

Pumpkin is such a funny little cat. She's always doing something that makes me laugh, from running around the house like a bat out of hell, to constantly sticking her tongue out. She's also the perfect cuddle companion, and with the ever so slight dip in temperature she's been in extra cuddly moods. 


I plan on celebrating black cat day this year by giving our little nibbler all the cuddles and maybe a treat or too!




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