Ways to Spend a Sunday :: Baking

A Sunday spent baking is a Sunday well spent in my opinion, be it cake, bread or some other tasty delight. I especially love how the smell of freshly baked bread fills the house, and there’s nothing quite like the first taste of crusty, still warm bread. I’ve been baking a lot more this year compared to last. This is pretty much because I now work in a much larger team to share cake with, which means R and I don’t have to end up eating a whole cake to ourselves. I’ve been experimenting with some different sweet treat recipes, the ones that have been bookmarked for years but have been too indulgent to make just on a whim.

Bread though, is one of my favourite things to bake. Kneading dough is so therapeutic and, helpfully, a good arm workout ;) I don’t feel as precious over how a loaf turns out as I do with a cake- slather on some butter and jam and it’s pretty much always delicious. R brought home a massive 2kg bag of strong flour the other week, so I decided to brush up on my bread skills and commit to making a loaf every Sunday for our sandwiches. I’ve also been flicking through my books for other carby deliciousness to bake up, there’s lots of focaccia, wraps and crumpets on the cards. I’m especially excited for all the baking opportunities that the change of season will bring- pumpkin cornbread, cinnamon rolls, pecan pie and crusty bread for dipping in soups. I’m excited to experiment.

I made this simple tin loaf last Sunday from a tried and tested recipe, but wasn’t really sure how it was going to turn out. The dough was slow to rise and I don’t think I added quite enough water. I was also feeling lazy after a very busy week, so let my stand mixer do the kneading for me. Happily, though, it turned out soft, delicious, and bready. Once it was out of the oven, and barely cooled, we stood in the kitchen sharing a warm slice with honey and nut butter for that all important taste test. It was the perfect way to spend a slow Sunday at home.


How do you like to spend your Sunday?




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