Happy List :: Twenty-Nine

Despite certain difficulties and things that have come up, I am still loving this year. I'm not such a fan of all this sunshine, it's a little too much for me (and y'know, the planet) but the rest of this week looks set to cool down a bit which I am very happy about. We've had some really lovely weeks recently so here are some of the things that have stood out:

  1. The recent rain, and a lazy weekend at home. After so many weeks of scorching sunshine it was so refreshing to have a grey weekend. R was away in Cardiff for most of Saturday, so I got cosy with a book and lit some candles.
  2. That rainy weekend R and I spent Sunday afternoon making sushi together and then demolished half a tub of Ben and Jerry's dairy free chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. Bliss. We even made enough sushi for lunch the next day.
  3. Last week we finally got through all those pesky things on our to do list, like sorting the car MOT, booking the cat in at the vet for her booster shots, organising for the dishwasher to be repaired and looking into bank meetings. Such adulting, much life. 
  4. I went to see Mamma Mia 2 with a work colleague last Wednesday and it was amazing. go see it, it will make your heart happy. 
  5. I decided to treat myself the other week and booked my first ever nail appointment. R also gave me a voucher for a much needed massage, because he is the sweetest. 
  6. We finally bought a new mattress! We went for a Simba in the end, which is so comfy and helpfully had a big discount which means we can get rid of our old lumpy and uncomfortable mattress. 
  7. Steve and Shelby, our friends from LA, were over recently and we caught up with them over dinner at Pinnocchios in Canterbury. Delicious food and great company! We then chilled out in a pub garden which was so lovely. My parents visited a few days later and we ended up out at Il Posticino for more Italian food!
  8. Last weekend was full of lovely things including a movie night on Friday, where we watched Leon and ate chocolate star cereal. We also played a scrabble game over dinner on Sunday and explored some of Spotify's playlists. R also bought me a new book which I have been loving.
  9. The last couple of weekends has seen Pumpkin exploring the garden for the first time. She is the absolute cutest and it's so fun seeing her get excited rolling around in the flower beds and sniffing everything.
  10. Steve and Shelby gave us a box of See's candies, which are classic Californian chocolates, and they are SO GOOD! We've been eating them slowly to savour each one. 


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