Life Lately :: August

2 :: Cinema Trips

August kicked off with a Wednesday evening trip to the cinema to see Mamma Mia 2 with a work colleague. It was cheesy and amazing and wonderful, and of course had me listening to Abba songs for the rest of the week. If you haven’t managed to see it I really recommend it, it’s just so happy and heart-warming and, of course, CHER! R and I also took my niece to see Incredibles 2 when she visited for the weekend, like most Pixar films it was enjoyable and fun to watch and I think Edna was my favourite character. We had tried to make plans to go and see Ant Man and the Wasp this month, but we just never got around to it, so we will have to save that one for another time now.

2 :: Adulting chores ticked off

This month we took Pumpkin to the vet for her booster shots, which she was so good about, although she is not a fan of being in her carry case. We discovered that she has almost doubled in weight since we got her and the vet was very happy with her- although how can you not when she’s such a cutie? I also managed to book my car in for its MOT and replace a tyre. Amazingly, it passed first time and there were no issues; it’s clearly benefiting from no longer having a long daily commute. These are all pretty dull things, but are just so satisfying when you get them done, and no longer have to think about it or keep writing it on to do lists.

5 :: Bakes

This month I made tomato and mozzarella breads for a work celebration, made a tin loaf, cob loaf, pizza and a sheet cake with adult chocolate icing. I was pleased with how they all turned out, especially the chocolate icing as I pretty much just made it up as I went along, and it turned out rich and chocolatey but not too sweet. I’ve got lots of ideas and plans of things I want to bake in the upcoming months, so many that I don’t think that there’s quite enough time to fit them all in!

2 :: Tubs of Blackberries

Last Sunday R and I headed out early to get some blackberry picking in before the end of the season and before the rain began- which came just after we got back home. We weren’t expecting to get many so were both pleasantly surprised that we managed to fill two tubs worth. They have since been washed and frozen, ready to be turned into apple and blackberry jam this weekend.

1 :: Quiet Bank Holiday

R and I took last weekend really slowly. We ventured out for coffee on the Saturday, blackberry picking on the Sunday and then made a trip to the Refectory Kitchen for breakfast on Monday. Other than that it was spent lazying around reading, baking or watching episodes of Bake Off on Netflix. Sunday was also chilly enough with the rain pouring outside that we lit a fire, which was just right for a lazy weekend. Perfect.

8 :: Books read

After a few attempts over the last couple of years I finally finished reading Wuthering Heights. Each time I had previously tried to read this I just got so frustrated with the characters that I couldn’t continue. I’m not sure what was different about this time, and I wouldn’t necessarily say I enjoyed reading it- I think Heathcliff’s hate comes off the page too much for it to be enjoyable- but it is a pretty forceful read. I ended up having a long discussion over the phone with my mum about it afterwards, which is one of the things I love about reading.

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