Happy List :: Thirty-One

This week is a busy week of preparation for me, both at work and at home. There’s a lot to fit in, and I feel a bit like i’m running around in circles, but it’s all good things! Unfortunately, our fridge freezer seems to have given up on us this week and R is ill with a throat infection, which are the not so great things going on. We’re making up for all that though with lots of Bake Off watching and eating cake! Here are some of the other good things recently:

  1. I made salted butter chocolate chip cookies for work, which went down really well- worth the effort on a Tuesday night after a long day, and burning the first batch!

  2. Last week R and I spent 5 days in Scotland, flitting between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Even though we both managed to get ill, me at the start, R at the end, we had a really lovely time.

  3. My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary at the weekend! We’ve got a big family celebration coming up at the end of the month, which will be lovely!

  4. We spent bank holiday Monday getting breakfast at one of my favourite places in Canterbury, and I managed to get in an 8k run which I was really pleased with.

  5. I caught up with a work friend at the Chocolate café with brownies and tea.

  6. Last weekend Pumpkin was so cuddly with me and kept curling up on my lap every time I sat down. It made my heart so happy after having been away from her for a week.

  7. I made chocolate hazelnut babka rolls for the first time the other week. They didn’t really rise, but still tasted ok fresh from the oven. It’s definitely one I plan on trying again and tweaking a bit to see if I can get it working better. Maybe I’ll give these a go next time instead?

  8. I finished readking Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire, which I really enjoyed.

  9. I made brownies at the weekend so we’ve had a bit of indulgence of brownies with ice cream for pudding a few nights!

  10. While we were in Scotland I bought a new mug, so now I feel all fancy drinking my tea. R and I also visited Urban Angel twice, once for lunch then for breakfast, and I cannot stop thinking about the delicious French toast I had.


- Freya’s post on becoming a mother. 

- I discovered some new lovely blogs to follow from Rebecca’s post on what to read.

- I started watching Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage on iPlayer and it gives me all the holiday feels.

- Lulu has started a new Instagram account focusing on plants, and it’s lovely.

- This Guardian long read about a man who was raised by wolves.






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