Autumn is officially here, and I’m excited for so many things this season. Although it signifies that shorter, colder days are just around the corner, there’s something so magical about it. So, to focus on the positive things in life and the upcoming months, I’ve rounded up a few of the reasons why autumn is my favourite season.

Oversized Jumpers

My main aim in life is to be in a state of perpetual cosiness. When the cool air of autumn hits this means wrapping up in blankets on the sofa, and all of the knitwear. I really struggle with warm weather clothing (I just love jeans too much) so I’m embracing returning to milder temperatures.

Lighting the Log-burner

An essential part of being cosy is, of course, cuddling up in front of a log fire. I’m pretty sure Pumpkin will be a fan of it too.

Crunchy Leaves

I love it when the leaves start to change colour and you can crunch through them. It always makes me feel very nostalgic.

Autumn Foraging

Does anyone outgrow the joy of finding perfect, shiny conkers? I’m looking forward to finding some and putting them around the house, even if it can’t be proved that they deter spiders.

Seasonal Baking

I have lots of fun, seasonal appropriate bakes planned for the upcoming months and I can’t wait to get started and experiment with new recipes!


I am so excited for Halloween this year. I have lots of books planned to read throughout October and spooky films to watch too! Halloween also means pumpkin carving and maybe some spooky bakes.


October is the best month for many, many reasons, but a pretty fun one is that it’s both mine and my dad’s birthday month. It means we have the best excuse to organise family meet ups and eat all of the tasty food.

Crisp Chill Mornings

Although it makes getting out of bed near impossible, and numbs my fingers almost immediately, I do love a crisp autumn morning. The dew on the grass, bright sunshine and cats running around the neighbourhood warming up. Perfection.

Autumn Colours

The colours of autumn are just spectacular; it’s like mother nature giving a big show before hibernating for winter.

Warming Up

The best part about chilly autumn days is warming up with hot chocolate or coffee after long walks. One of my favourite places for autumn walks is Petworth Park in Sussex, it is really glorious at this time of year.

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all." - Stanley Horowitz

What’s your favourite part of the season?




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