September Life Lately & October Planning

6 :: Babka Rolls

I tried making babka rolls for the first time last month. The dough didn’t react quite how I thought it would, and didn’t really rise at all, but they tasted pretty good for a first attempt. This was also a lesson in making sure to read comments before attempting an online recipe, as it turns out lots of other people had the same issues with the dough as I did. I’m going to give them another go, but make a few tweaks to the recipe and combine it with a few others to see how it works out and if I get a better rise.

5 :: Days in Scotland

Near the end of September R and I headed up to Scotland for five days in Glasgow and Edinburgh. I was a bit ill for the first couple of days which put a bit of a kybosh on our plans to eat all the food. We did manage to get out to Loch Lomond on the Wednesday though for a nice walk. We were really lucky with the weather as, although it was cloudy and a bit grey, it always cleared up quickly, and we never got rained on whilst we were out. I need to put a proper post together about what we did soon!

40 :: Wedding Anniversary Celebration

We ended the month celebrating my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary with lunch and bubbles. It was lovely to celebrate it altogether, as we don’t often manage to get the whole family in one place at the same time.

10 :: Kilometre Race

I completed my first 10K race in September! I managed it in 1 hour 10 minutes, which I was really pleased with. I was quite nervous in the run up to it, as I hadn’t managed to get many runs in over the last few months, but I ended up really enjoying it. I’m already looking at what else I can sign up to next.  

1 :: Food Festival

September brings with it the Canterbury Food Festival, which is one of our favourite weekends. Unfortunately, the weather was awful and lots of stalls closed up on the Sunday as it just wouldn’t stop raining. But, we did get to pick up our favourite pies for the freezer, and had some really good food for lunch, including: slow cooked lamb with potatoes, philly cheese steak sandwich and brown bread ice cream.

1 :: New Fridge Freezer

Our fridge decided to die last month, so we were rather stuck for a few days. Luckily our new one turned up just before the food festival! It’s so much bigger than our last one, so we actually have room in the freezer to store things! It looks like we might be hosting Christmas again this year, so the extra space will come in handy for that!

October Planning

As I mentioned in this post, October is my favourite month, and since getting Pumpkin I’ve been very excited for it to come around. I’ve got lots of lovely things planned including seasonal bakes, autumn walks, and birthday celebrations. I also decided to fully embrace the spooky season and have planned lots of spooky stories to read, and appropriate movies to watch. Unfortunately, I’m a massive wuss when it comes to scary things, so I think I’m already regretting this decision. I’m only 90 pages into my first book and am already quite freaked out. I’m hoping my tolerance will increase by the end of the month, either that or I’ll be a big ball of nerves come October 31st. Luckily the movies I have planned are not scary, and I’ve seen them all before. On my list so far is:

  • Hocus Pocus (a classic)

  • Dracula

  • Practical Magic

  • The Craft (can’t go wrong with 90s classics)

  • Psycho

  • Gremlins

  • Ghostbusters

Any suggestions of anything else to add to the list?

How was your September?