A Year in Review, 2018

Last year was a very mixed bag of really great highs and very low lows. I’m so grateful for so many things that happened in 2018, and for all of the lovely people around me that made the lows so much easier to bear.

January was spent celebrating birthdays, with a trip to London to see La Sylphide, as well as taking advantage of January restaurant discounts. I spent much of the month cosying up in our living room with a book and taking full advantage of our newly installed wood-burner.

Highlights from February included a weekend away in Shoreditch to celebrate R’s birthday, which included breakfast at Dishoom, dinner at Flat Iron Steak and exploring the various markets. We also started working on our house a little more, sprucing it up to make it feel more like ours with new plants and picking up missing pieces of furniture.

March was when I started to feel more settled at my new job and a proper part of the team there. That month also brought all of the snow, which was a bit of a pain but was also utterly beautiful, and meant we could take advantage of the cold with log fires and hot chocolate. Despite the snow we did also manage to organise our afternoon tea with my nan and parents which was delicious and one of my favourite things to do! The biggest thing in March was also that R got a new work contract, which means he’s set for the next few years. I also started running again which is one of my favourite achievements of the year.

In April I started taking full advantage of all the cake opportunities at work by working through my baking books and made cake for my nan and sister’s birthdays. The absolute best thing that happened in April, and pretty much the whole of last year, was us adopting Pumpkin. We have fallen completely in love with her and cannot imagine home without her now, we are now our own little family. At the end of the month we also said goodbye to our friends who moved to Manchester.

May was a bit of a mixed bag, I really progressed with my running, but unfortunately, I also had a few visits to the hospital having developed reflux disease. It’s been a process getting the diagnosis and working out how to deal with it, but at least I know what it is now. In May I also had my work team away day which was so so much fun, I am so lucky to work in such a great team with so many lovely people!

We started June with a short trip to Amsterdam and took full advantage of our hotel being next door to a food market. We ended the month with our bbq on Whitstable beach, which is one of my favourite memories from the year. 

In July our friends Steve and Shelby came over from California so we got to catch up with them which was awesome. We started making changes to our bedroom by ordering a new mattress and I also got lots of new bakes in with various work celebrations. 

My niece came for a weekend in August so we spent it making cake, pizza and watching The Incredibles. We took advantage of the season by going blackberry picking but never got around to making jam as our fridge freezer ended up breaking down. 

September started off brilliantly with a family gathering to celebrate my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. I also completed my first 10k race in 1 hour 10 minutes which I was really happy with. R and I also went back to Scotland for 5 days and explored Loch Lomond and ate more tasty food. 

In October we had celebrations for my birthday and my dad. Our friends also got engaged and I was asked to be a bridesmaid, so we’re both very much looking forward to celebrating them this year! 

We visited my sister and her partner in Oxfordshire in November, and then had a weekend visiting our friends in Manchester. Both trips were excellent and it was great to spend some quality time with them. I had a trip over to Brussels for work which was pretty fun and meant I got to pick up some waffles! I had more tests at the Hospital in November which finally gave me my diagnosis which was good.

December ended up being manic at work so we spent the month slowing things down at home, while Pumpkin had fun attacking the tree and removing most of the decorations from it. For Christmas, we drove down to Sussex to celebrate it with my family. We then had our Boxing day walk on the beach and enjoyed eating up Christmas dinner leftovers. 

Lastly, I just wanted to say happy New Year and thank you so much for following along here for however long you’ve been reading, it really means so much!

Happy New Year!




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