Washout Weekend


This weekend, for once, my boyfriend and I actually had plans. These plans involved visiting my parents and consuming yummy, delicious home-cooked food. It also involved catching up with some friends to celebrate someone's birthday in Brighton, having a nice meal and going for cocktails. Alas, all great plans turn to dust in the face of food poisoning. Instead of spending my weekend cuddling up with cats, setting the world to rights with my mum and having a fun weekend, I spent it curled up in bed eating dry toast and re-watching The Good Wife on Netflix. Alicia's sass makes me wish I had pursued law, that is until I remember how much I disliked studying it at A-level and how bad I was at it! Luckily, I had my lovely boyfriend here to look after me and make me said dry toast, because he's awesome. The both of us have been rather bummed about missing out on venison steaks, belly pork, roast beef and pancake brunch (dry toast really does not compare). Of course we weren't just disappointed to miss out on the food, but also the wonderful company of my parents, sister and niece and the general lovely atmosphere of being at home with family. To make up for the disappointment we've decided to cuddle up in bed tonight to watch Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, because that's how we roll!