Prague: Part One


This weekend my sister Ellie and I made a little visit to Prague. We had seen a deal on TravelZoo for a 3 day break in Prague staying at the Boscolo Prague hotel and thought, why not!  Trams in Prague Prague buildings Statues in Prague We had an early flight on Sunday morning so stayed at the Travelodge in Heathrow the night before. I always seem to forget how much I dislike flying until the day before I have to get on a plane, but luckily the flight out was so smooth and I had no problems with my ears which is what usually happens (yay British Airways)! We had stupidly not checked the weather before we left so arrived unprepared for a super hot and humid Prague. PraguePrague buildings Prague graffiti Prague buildings

Prague buildingsOur first stop was to Boscolo Prague to drop off our bags and then head off into the city for a bit of an explore. The afternoon before I left Robert suggested watching The Grand Budapest Hotel, which turned out to be the best movie to watch before going to Prague as nearly every building in the Old Town looked like it had come straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, which is great because I loooovee Wes Anderson films.

Prague buildings Prague buildingsBoscolo PragueEllie in Prague Prague buildings Prague buildingsI had checked out the guide book before we left and so had Ellie, but we didn't have a particular plan for our trip and decided we would just explore. Our first day consisted of just wandering around the city, checking out all the fancy looking buildings and working out where we were. Once 2 o'clock came around we made our way back to the hotel to check in and see what our room looked like, especially as we had been given a little upgrade! The hotel was pretty awesome, and the bed was massive (and I got it all to myself as Ellie took the single bed in the corner), it was super posh! When it came to dinner we didn't have a particular preference and made the mistake of being hungry whilst searching for somewhere to eat, so we ended up just at some random Italian place. We had wanted to try some Czech food but with it being so warm and humid we didn't quite feel up to having goulash. Our first day was so jam packed with walking around the city taking so many photos that I'm having to split it into multiple posts.