Prague: Part Two


Despite arriving mid-morning I think we ended up doing the most on our first day in Prague. After our dodgy Italian meal we went for another wander around the city, walking past yet more wonderful buildings. Prague buildings Prague earrings Prague stallholders The Square Raspberry lemonade Raspberry lemonadePrague buildings View from the Charles Bridge View from the Charles Bridge Charles Bridge statues Charles Bridge statuesWe made our way to the main square where there were a number of stalls set up selling food and souvenirs. Ellie and I were particularly taken with all the fun earrings (jewellery ended up being our main expenditure while we were there) especially the funky looking birds! It was still so warm and humid that we stopped off to try some homemade raspberry lemonade that was being advertised. It was nice and cold which was very refreshing but I wasn't expecting it to be quite so sweet! While we were sat there we did a fair amount of people watching and listened to a guy playing the bagpipes dressed in a kilt, which is not something we were expecting to see in Prague. Later on we made our way to the Charles Bridge where we ended up buying yet more earrings. The statues on the bridge had the perfect backdrop of the evening light making it nice and atmospheric! After our early start and awful nights sleep at the Heathrow Travelodge we were both so exhausted we went back to the hotel where I had a great sleep in that giant bed, and Ellie ended up in small single!