A Happy List :: One


This year my family decided it was time for a holiday. It's something we hadn't done together for quite some time. We've had holidays altogether before, but in more recent years there has generally been someone missing, a sister or a partner. This year, however, we managed to get away, all five of us, together. Unfortunately it was a bit of a disaster, for a number of reasons many of which were due to outside sources, and we all finished up the week feeling a little more stressed and tired then we had previously. Consequently I decided that we all needed to focus on the positives a little more. Now we have a group message where we round up every day with a list of three positives. I think it has made a pronounced difference in my outlook, as I always think about all the little positives as the day goes on that I might share with my family. It has been especially helpful on those blue days where nothing seems to go to plan and everything goes wrong. Having the 'accountability', as it were, of the group message has helped me to focus on the smallest of triumphs and happy event that has occurred. I've seen a number of bloggers give a weekly round up of things that have made them happy. I thought I would also give it a try and extend my daily positives from that group message to the blog as well. So here are the top ten things that have made my week a happy one:

1. I finally ordered a new laptop, and it's all shiny and fun!

2. Mumma bear came for a visit, so I took a half day on Thursday and took her out for breakfast which was delicious!

3. I bought a new duvet set, for only ยฃ25. You just can't beat that feeling of going to bed with nice clean new bedding.

4. Strawberries and nutella, yum.

5. Sitting outside for lunch when it was sunny with the guysย at work.

6. Rhubarb and ginger fizz from Marks and Spencer, it is so yum.

7. Helping the exhibitions curator with a re-display project at work. New cases, look so snazzy!

8. I helped organise our latest exhibition opening at work which happened on Monday, and it was pretty successful. I photographed the event and was pleased with how the images turned out.

9. Having a catch up with a friend who recently moved to the area and drinking fun tea with her!

10. Our climbing beans we planted have finally started sprouting, it's so exciting!

Have a happy weekend :)