Book Review: The Miniaturist


This year is going by so quickly, I can't quite believe we're now in August especially as it doesn't feel like we've even had a proper summer yet. Since starting my new job reading has been a little harder to fit in, as the time I do have is dedicated to reading up on the subject of the museum. I'd been recommended Jessie Burton's debut novel by a number of people and finally got around to reading it after my sister lent it to me the other month. I read it straight after The Land Where Lemons Grow so it was a very different read and tone. I finished it just before starting the new job which was nicely timed. The Plot: It's 1686 and Nella Oortman is recently married to a man she barely knows. Her husband is a wealthy merchant in Amsterdam and gives her a cabinet sized replica of their home as a wedding gift. She quickly starts filling the cabinet with items made by an elusive miniaturist. In the process Nella uncovers household secrets and the dangers of her new life to which she must step up.

I quite enjoyed The Miniaturist as it was a nice change to all the non-fiction I have been reading of late. It kept me hooked but I wasn't necessarily glued to my book the whole time as I was with An Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth. It was a nice easy read which made it quick to get through. I think Burton nicely brought to life historical Amsterdam and the air of a city where nothing goes unnoticed. I would recommend The Miniaturist, especially if you're looking for a good holiday book, as it's compelling enough to be enjoyable but not so much that you can think of nothing else. One thing I would definitely recommend is reading the first chapter again after you've finished as it makes so much more sense and gives you a little hint about what happened to certain characters.