Graze Sharing Box


When I was a carefree student I used to get Graze snack boxes because they were so fun and exciting to receive through the post. And y'know, tasty. After finishing university and entering the real world of work, bills and student loan repayments, a weekly indulgence of graze snacks seemed a little extravagant. Ever since quitting I keep getting those tempting emails offering me money off if only I would return. They've been pretty easy to ignore apart from when I received a money off email for one of their sharing boxes. Robert and I have a road trip back home to my parents before we go to Milan so I thought a few fun car snacks would help with the journey and who can resist a discount voucher?! Graze GifThe box arrived with five fun snack bags inside. Some of the choices on the selection were the same or similar to their regular Graze snack boxes but some of them were a little different. I ended up receiving:

Raw bites- made up of dates and seeds.

Dark rocky road granola- chocolate granola with chocolate fudge and freeze dried cherries. Er yes please!

Pure apple crisps- pretty much what it says on the tin.

Cherry fudge sundae- chocolate fudge, cherries, cherry raisins and almonds. Also pretty exciting.

Pro Bean- chilli broad beans, edamame beans and red skin peanuts.

Graze SnacksReceiving parcels through the post is always fun, and even more so when it's food related! I think i'm most excited to try the granola and cherry fudge sundae, because, well, chocolate. I've already started snacking on the Pro Bean which is pretty tasty, although the broad beans don't have much of a kick to them despite being chilli flavoured. I'm looking forward to cracking open the rest of the bunch for our car drive home. We normally snack on sweets for our long car journeys, whilst singing along to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, so taking along ever so slightly healthier options will make a nice change!

p.s This was my first time making a gif, it's not perfect, but I found my little wooden camel that I got from Morocco whilst tidying our room and thought it would be fun to have a play around!

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