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Things have been rather crazy round here recently. After getting back from Prague the other week life has been non-stop with sorting out the house trying to make it a little more presentable, and planning and prepping for starting my new job. I start this week and can't believe how quickly my months notice period has gone! It feels like only last week that I was offered the job but at the same time feels like almost a lifetime ago. It's going to be a rather quick change as I finish my current job on Tuesday (tomorrow, ahhh!) and start the new job on Wednesday. I'm so excited to start and am really looking forward to something new and challenging, but i'm going to miss the people I work with at the moment. There have been a number of loose ends to tie up before I finish, as well as starting my reading about the new job. I've also been busy planning for our trip to Milan at the end of the month which Robert and I are both really looking forward to! Robert hasn't been able to do much planning as he's been busy working on his Phd so I've got the fun job of looking up lots of yummy food places and possible day-trips we can do! Despite being super busy I've still managed to fit in my habitual Netflix binges, or in this case Amazon Prime binges. I've been catching up with Arrow ready for the new series out later this year. I had fallen out of the habit of watching at the start of series 2, but am so glad I caught up with it, I love Felicity and Oliver! I've also started watching Bloodlines on Netflix, but I've been watching it whilst baking cupcakes and writing blog posts so I'm not doing a great job of keeping up with the plot!

I've been enjoying exploring and finding new blogs to read and other bits and pieces from the internet. In particular I loved this apartment on Apartment Therapy the colours are so fun and the light in the rooms is so bright. Have you checked out these landscapes from the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy? They're so beautiful, especially the one of the fog between the trees. There's a new exhibition, Animal Tales, at the British Library which I really want to try and get to. It's on until November so hopefully i'll find a spare weekend to head into London to check it out. I've also enjoyed flicking through the photographs from the National Geographic Traveller photo contest, there are some truly talented photographers out there!

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

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