A Village Walk


So this week Robert and I are in Milan hopefully eating lots of yummy pasta, pizza and gelato! I've scheduled a few posts about our weekend in Sussex, but I may have done it backwards starting with Sunday instead of Saturday, because apparently that's how I roll.


This weekend we went to visit my parents in Sussex before we flew off for Milan. It was a bit of a mixed bag weather wise but was a great weekend nevertheless. On the Sunday Mum and I decided to go for a walk round a nearby village and go blackberry picking while Robert and Dad watched the F1. Luckily the rain stopped for long enough for us to stay dry on our walk and then turned into a gloriously sunny afternoon!

August04August05I love going for little wanders around country villages as the houses are always so sweet and beautiful. Blackberry picking is something I always want to do when it gets to this time of year, but often don't get around to actually doing. We got at least three boxes of blackberries and managed to avoid the thorns for the most part. On our walk we also found some wild plums and picked a number of them ready to cook into crumbles and puddings! For the rest of the afternoon I spent it using the fresh blackberries to make apple and blackberry bear claws ready for our ridiculously early airport breakfast. The parentals treated us to a lovely home cooked dinner of slow cooked belly pork with red cabbage which was so good and set us up nicely for all the wonderful food in Italy!

By now you possibly already know about my great love of Nutella so these Nutella brownies sound and look awesome. Recently I've also been listening to these podcasts from Historic England which are really interesting. And finally, baby pandas, does anything more need to be said?

Hope you all had lovely weekends!