Driving on the Downs


On the Saturday after we had brunched at The Sussex Produce Company (which I reviewed the other month) we took a drive to Arundel to see my sister perform in a flash mob, which was part of the opening event for the Arundel Festival.Downs04 Downs03 Downs02 Downs01 Downs06I bumped into a friend's mum with their lovely dog Molly, it was lovely to have a catch up and have some Molly cuddles. It was a baking hot day and Sussex was in all its glory in the sunshine with barely a cloud in sight. After seeing the flash mob perform to Uptown Funk we had a slow wander through Arundel back to the car (via a shop selling bounty ice cream, yum) admiring all of the wonderful houses. At one garden gate we passed two little girls selling homemade lemonade, just like the advert! After walking past we decided to go back and try some of the lemonade, we were their first customers of the afternoon and they seemed so excited with their venture. The lemonade was super lemony and delicious, just what we needed to refresh ourselves in the afternoon heat. On our drive home we went via the Sussex Downs to see the spectacular views. I forget how much I love Sussex but I never forget how much I love the countryside. Being in Kent is great as you can be in a nice built up area and in a couple of minutes be in the countryside, but I don't think there's anything quite like being in the place where you grew up. Dad was very obliging and made sure to drive slowly and pulled over at a number of points so I could take pictures and make the most of the beautiful views. I managed to fit in a visit to my nan and then my sister and niece popped round for dinner. Jess was all dressed up as Snow White and looked very sweet, I'm looking forward to Halloween when hopefully we can dress up too! We watched Kajaki in the evening which was not a particularly cheerful film but was very well done- we couldn't believe it when we found out it was based on a true story, it was so heartbreaking.