A Happy List :: Five


Holidays go much much too quickly for my liking. While we were away we managed to visit Lake Como which was absolutely stunning. I now have a number of months, while Robert finishes his PhD write up, to think and plan for our next holiday, which will be all about chilling. We had a good time away and were ready to come home, but i'm not quite sure i'm ready to go back to work just yet! It is lovely being home and it will be nice to get back into our happy normality. I know Robert is keen to get stuck into his write up and despite any back to work blues i'm excited to get cracking on new job challenges! Here are the things that have made me happy the past week:

  1. Getting home to a lovely tidy, shiny house. Our landlord was doing some work on our kitchen while we were away and it's all bright and fresh.
  2. Visiting Lake Como while on holiday. It was our most relaxing day and was so lovely, i'm hoping to be able to visit again one day and maybe hire a boat!
  3. Making plans to see my oldest friend in London at the weekend before she moves north!
  4. Having a cup of TeaPigs winter warmer tea while watching my terrible programmes.
  5. Robert bought me chocolate praline cookies as a treat, because I obviously didn't indulge enough while on holiday! He is the loveliest.
  6. Getting takeaway for dinner after the parents picked us up from the airport while watching the Bake Off.
  7. Rhubarb and ginger fizz from Marks and Spencer, yummy.
  8. I ordered a load of yarn to start a new knitting project. Not sure when I will have the time to knit what with new job craziness but i'm excited to try!
  9. Making plans to watch this weeks Bake Off with our good friends.
  10. Robert sending me cute cate pictures to make me smile :)

Here's some fun things from the internet that I've been reading: Dinosaur facts, because who doesn't like dinosaurs? 3D printed glass, crazy cool. And finally, some gravity defying art installed in public spaces.

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