The Kent Earthquake


So apparently Kent was hit by an Earthquake last night. I was completely oblivious and managed to miss it by staying sound asleep, only waking up when Mr bird decided he wanted his breakfast. Luckily we haven't noticed any damage to the house, and in the night Robert only heard a 'loud bang which shook the whole house'. In comparison to the two earthquakes that hit Nepal, it's pretty inconsequential. As far as I'm aware no houses were brought to the ground and people haven't been buried in the rubble.

Consequently, the earthquake event was quite a hot topic at the collections care training day I attended today, with museum folk all sharing their Kent earthquake anecdotes. The day was a pretty fun one, especially if you like learning about museum pests and mould, which I do because I'm cool like that. Nerd alert: learning about Integrated Pest Management systems and the mating processes of bugs can be a pretty funny affair. It's always great to meet other museum professionals, and it's especially reassuring to find out that other museums have exactly the same issues with collections care as you do! The only trouble with these networking events is that I'm always so awkward at them as general chit-chat fails me most of the time. I tend to end up grinning like a cheshire cat and nodding furiously in agreement (smile and wave boys, smile and wave!). However it is something I continue to work on and it's always helpful once you start to recognise familiar faces. I found the mould workshop, hosted by a conservator from the Bodleian Library, Oxford, to be super helpful and I definitely plan to see about implementing a mould management plan at work (I am SO cool!). Also being able to sit outside in the sun chatting with our volunteers and eating coffee cake was a big highlight of the day too.

I managed to get home fairly early from the training course so was able to make bolognese for dinner as Robert had had a big presentation for work and was feeling pretty rough after being woken in the night by the house rumbling. He also received his new laptop today so was eager to start playing around with it. Overall it's been a pretty good day and I'm definitely looking forward to having a nice chill over bank holiday weekend...and doing all that tidying and cleaning we have to do before our new housemate moves in...



Picture taken from Guardian website who took it from Twitter.

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