My Weekend in Pictures


I love long lazy weekends, in my opinion they just can't be beat. Robert had to work this weekend, so the bank holiday was a lovely lazy affair for me. I celebrated the long weekend by making pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, both as a treat for Robert and also because all weekends should consist of pancakes!  Crab and Winkle Way Crab and Winkle Way

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Iced Tea

Land Girls by Angela Huth

Despite his work we were able to get out and go for a nice long walk where I spent a good while taking pictures of the flowers along the path. Unfortunately the sun had gone in but we got back to the car just as the rain really started to pour. I also spent this weekend making chocolate chip banana bread which filled the house with its lovely fuggy banana smell. Lazy weekends obviously consist of cuddling up on the sofa reading, so this weekend I was able to finish my book. At first I had been unsure of reading Land Girls, it didn't jump off the shelf at me but in the end I found it near impossible to put down. I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the story and I might have to re-watch the film just to keep it going for a little longer. Last week I came across this iced tea 'recipe' on the internet, which I was excited to recreate using mint from the garden this weekend. It was awful. I don't think the recipe was the problem so I might try making it again, maybe with a different type of tea rather than jasmine...or perhaps the problem was our mint? Robert was a trooper and drank pretty much the whole thing...then we both had to eat lots of chocolate to get rid of the taste, hard life. The weekend wrapped up with a visit from my sister and another walk, this time along the river to see the ducks!