Are We In London?


The other weekend I went to London to see my oldest friend before she moved up North to start a new job. We've been friends since year 7 so not seeing her before she left was not an option. Whenever Holly and I meet up food is always involved, lots of food- maple pecan danishes and cinnamon buns have made appearances on more than one occasion. Before we got started with the feasting Holly suggested a walk along the canal from St Pancras to Camden. Along the way we detoured to Camley Street Natural Park which felt a bit like a green Tardis. It seemed so much bigger than it looked with lots of windy paths, we even came across two little mice scurrying around in the undergrowth. The noise of the traffic couldn't be heard and with all the greenery it almost seemed like we weren't in London anymore. We chatted away sharing all of our news and it was great hearing all about Holly's road trip across Canada and her big move to the other end of the country. London LondonEven walking along the canal felt a little like we were anyplace but London. I'm not massively familiar with London having mainly visited when I was a teenager or to check out the museums- gotta keep up with what's going on in the museum sector ;)London LondonAfter our walk and checking out Camden (and splitting a slice of chocolate guinness cake) we caught the tube to Southbank and ended up in Wahaca for some tacos, I can't resist a good old taco. Lunch conversation consisted of reminiscing of past memories and wondering what happened to everyone from school, which can be a pretty fun game to play! After lunch we obviously headed out to find something sweet to finish the meal off. Holly went for a chocolate chip cookie and I went for a Portuguese custard tart, which we ate sat against a wall watching everyone enjoying the slides as part of the Carsten Höller exhibition. LondonIt wasn't long before we were both due to catch trains home and had to say our goodbyes. Luckily Christmas is not that long away and I'm sure we'll manage to have another food filled catch up- but this time with hot chocolate and winter themed cake!

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