Food Festivities


The end of September brings along with it the annual Canterbury Food and Drink Festival, and who can resist a good food festival? Certainly not us as we ended up venturing into Canterbury for it on both Saturday and Sunday, and it did not disappoint. We turned up on Saturday for an early lunch, and it seemed that everyone in Canterbury had the same idea. The boys had scouted round the event the day before so had worked out the best places to try, which made things much easier for navigating the crowds. After Steve had picked up a cup of cherry cider we headed straight for Deeson's tent for their buttermilk southern fried chicken burgers. R opted for the chilli coleslaw while I went for traditional in my burger, along with barbecue sauce. I think I can say that, hands down, it was the best thing we ate all weekend at the festival. The chicken was lovely and tender and wonderfully crispy. My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it. Steve went for the crab burger, with fennel, almonds, harissa and avocado, which looked amazing. It looked so good R and I both got one for lunch on Sunday, it was really tasty but didn't quite top the fried chicken.

We picked up a number of other lovely treats while we were there, including some freshly ground coffee in maple pecan flavour and amaretto, which I'm looking forward to trying. Italian pastries may also have made it home, but didn't stick around for very long...

Luckily the weather stayed mostly sunny all weekend. I started a new knitting project though, so may have ended up sat inside the rest of the time! I did cook up a few curry dishes on Sunday for our final silly movie night, which ended up being Under Siege 2, which was wonderfully ridiculous and possibly our best choice so far.