Chilling with Darwin


Skunk cuddles Four day weeks are the best. I can't believe it's already Thursday and there's only one work day left before the weekend! Today was a bit of an unusual day. Instead of being in the office working on collections paperwork and cataloguing new museum objects, I spent the day at an army outreach event. The day was beautifully sunny, and i'm pretty sure I burnt a tiny bit, and the event was a wonderful success. I think the most exciting part of the day was to find that the tent next to ours was a bird and reptile tent! The tent occupiers even put on an animal display, where the staff brought out a vulture, Darwin an 8 month old barn owl and a skunk and gave everyone the opportunity to get up close with these fantastic creatures. I can now say that I have held a barn owl and a skunk. The skunk's claws were especially impressive and the barn owl was so incredibly light I could barely tell it was sat on my hand. It was such a lovely opportunity to be out appreciating the nicer weather and to engage the public with the Museum.

Barn Owl

This week has also been a pretty exciting one as Robert and I are currently cat-sitting. Cleo and Bilbo arrived yesterday along with my parents who dropped them off, before going for a stay somewhere in Kent and (hopefully) a balloon ride. It has been so lovely to have the cats in the house and to have lots of cuddles with them. One downside, which I had completely forgotten about, was how much fur they shed. My clothes are covered in cat hair now. But I think it's a pretty small price to pay to have the company of these two cuties. Luckily Robert is a complete cat man himself, and we've even worked out what names we're going to call our own cats when we eventually get some...It's just a matter of time!

Now, roll on the weekend! It's going to be a bit of a busy one, as not only is our new housemate moving in, but my sister and her husband are also coming down for a visit. Fingers crossed for some nice weather, i'm really hoping to have our second BBQ of the year!

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